Sunday, January 20, 2013

Franklin County Marriage Bonds- Meridith & Samuel Manning

Marriage Bonds of Franklin County Virginia 1786-1858, by Marshall Winchfield, 1973, Researched by Doris Ross Johnston
page 46 Brock, Joshua and Fanny Estes, dau. Elisha and Margaret, Dec. 26, 1800. Sur. John Cooly
page 46 Brock, Jubal(Tubal) and Doshia Stuart,Dec. 9, 1796. Sur. David Stuart
page 46 Brock, Lorenzo Dow and Mary Kidd, Feb. 14, 1832. Sur. Elisha Kidd
page 47 Brock, Moses and Susannah Dyer, Mar. 5, 1793. Sur. Elijah Brock
page 47 Brock, Zachariah and Nancy Cooley, Jan. 16, 1815. Sur. Chapman Cooley
page 55 Carter, Dabney and Celia Brock, dau. Lucy and Joshua, Aug. 18, 1808. Sur. Zachariah Brock
page 62 Cooly, John and Nancy Brock, dau. Joshua, Sept. 18, 1795. Sur. Jubal(Tubal) Brock
page 135 Kidd, Benj., s. Jane, and America Manning, dau. Charity, July 26, 1850. Sur. Lorenzo D. Brock
page 144 Lesseuer, Moses and Susannah Brock, dau. Geo.,July 14, 1792. Sur. Amos Richardson.
page 146 Lookado, Jackson and Frances Evans, Dec. 29, 1847. Sur. Lorenzo D. Brock.
page 148 Manning, Meredith and Catherine Burnett, dau. Chas.,Mar. 7, 1796, Sur. Moses Brock
page 148 Manning, Samuel and Patsy Brock, dau. Lucy and Joshua, Mar. 19, 1804. Sur. John Mannin and Tarlton Brock.
page 192 Rich, David and Sally Pridy, dau. Nancy,Dec. 29, 1789. Sur. Moses Brock.
page 253 Young, Milen and Polly Brock, dau. of John, Oct. 14, 1790. Sur. David Shockley.
page 254 Zeigler, John and Mary Ann Brock, in 1800 package. Sur. Joshua Brock. 37. Bond given to Gov. James Monore, 1799-01.

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