Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ancestry Composition

Recently sent a DNA sample to 23andMe. The report indicates that my ancestry is 100% European broken down as follows:

52.5% British & Irish
11.6% Scandinavian 
8.2%.   French & German
0.2%.   Finnish
23.0%  Broadly Northwestern European
2.7%    Southern European 
2.6%.   Iberian
<0.1%  Broadly Southern European
1.8%.    Broadly European

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Simon de Manning

Lord Simon Manning was said to be the royal Standard Bearer to King Richard the Lionheart. He carried the royal Standard to Jerusalem in 1190 during the First Crusade.

"Simon de Manning, a grandson of Ranulph, was the first of the English barons to take up the Cross and go forth to the Holy Wars. He was a companion of Richard I, Couer de Lion (the Lion Hearted), and was knighted on the battlefield. All the Mannings of this country are descended from Simon de Manning and are entitled to use this coat of arms".

"Simon de Manning, to whom John Silvester of Westerham demised land by deed in the 14th year of K. Richard I. and who (as is recorded in an old pedigree relating to this family) was engaged in the holy war against the Saracens under that king. They are said to be descended of an antient and noble family which took its name from Manning, a town in Saxony, from whence they came into England before the conquest, and some of them are said to have settled in Friesland. They bore for their arms - Gules, a cross potence, or flory, between 4 cinquefoils of. Guillim, p. 138. (Hasted's Hist. of Kent, Vol. I., p. 124)."

"Arms: Gules, a cross flory between four trefolis slipped or. Crest: An eagle's head sable between two ostrich feathers argent, all issueing out of a ducal coronet, or."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

In 1635 The Manning's Arrive In America

1630s in England
Quick facts

Events from the 1630s in England.


Monarch - Charles I





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