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1850 Census for Kentucky

The 1850 Census for Morgan County KY shows Charles Mannin,age 54 born in Virginia and his wife Susannah, age 52. They were the parents of my Great, Great Grandmother Mary A. "Polly" Mannin

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Mary A. "Polly" Manning

She was my Great-Great Grandmother and wife of Sylvester Manning. Born 1840 in Morgan County,Kentucky and married in 1863.Mother of Ephriam,Martin and Val H., My Great Grandfather. Daugter of Charles and Suszanna Shubert Mannin (Manning).Date of death 1915.

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The Manning's to Virginia in 1635

Thomas Manning----Born , abt. 1585 in England;---died --1645,--He married ,Susan about 1610, in England,--Susan was born in abt. 1585;--died 1660------Children of Thomas and Susan Manning are: John Manning, born December 17, 1615 in Soham, cambridge County, England;died 1672 in Norfolk, Virginia; Married Lydia Richardson 1636 in Norfolk County, Virginia.--Other sons,--Edward Manning born in England aft. 1615--died aft,1666 in Virginia -----Thomas Manning , born aft. 1615 in England;---died aft. 1660 in Virginia---------

John Manning , born Devember 17,1615 in Soham. Cambridge County, England;---died, 1672 in Norfolk, Virginia.---He was the son of --Thomas Manning and Susan, He married , Lydia Richardson in 1636 in Norfolk County, Virgina. --Lydia Richardson, born 1617 in Virginia,,,died 1700, in Norfolk, County, Virginia---- Children are ,,,Mary, born in 1637; died aft.1666, married Rodger Hodges 1653---Margaret, born 1639; died 1655; married Richard Taylor abt. 1655.---- Thomas born 1641; died 1674-1732, married 1664 in Norfolk, Virginia.---John Manning, born 1650 in Norfolk, Virginia; died 1716; married Sarah Wattford) 1664 in Norfolk, Virginia.----

John Manning, born 1650 in Norfolk, Virginia; died 1716. He was the son of John and Lydia Richardson, He married Sarah Wattford aft. 1664 in Norfolk, Virginia, born in 1643; died 1694.-- Children of john and sarah are;----John Manning, born 1685 in Lower Norfolk, Virginia; died 1757; married Margaret Markham 1706.---Joseph Manning, born 1687; died abt. 1742 in Norfolk Virginia; married Martha ??? 1705 in Norfolk, Virginia.----William Manning, born 1689; died 1721-1780 in Hanover, Virginia; married Mary ??? 1705 in Norfolk, Virginia.---- Thomas Manning, born 1691 in Norfolk County, Virginia; died 1716-1782 in Virginia----- Soloman Manning, born 1693; died 1694-1783.-----

Thomas Manning, born 1691 in norfolk County, Virginia; died 1716-1782 in Virginia--He was the son of John Manning and Sarah Wattford----Child of Thomas Manning-- His child was Moses Manning born 1710, in Norfolk County, Virginia; died 1791 in Bertie County, North Carolina;--- He married Liddia---she was born 1712; died 1774-1806;
-----Their children are;
Martin Manning, born 1732; died 1733-1822.
Nancy, born abt. 1732; died 1733-1826.
Moses Jr. born abt. 1733 in New Kent County, Virginia; died March 12, 1810 in Sumter District, South Carolina; married Kessiah Lott 1753 in Bertie County, North Carolina
Mary Melea, born 1735; died 1736-1829. 
Merit, born 1737; deid 1738-1827
Sarah , born 1737; died 1738-1831
Merena born 1741; died 1742-1835

Moses Manning Jr. married Kessiah Lott in 1753 in Bertie County, North Carolina,------ Their children are;---- Moses Manning III, born 1755; married Martha.-----Melea , born 1757;---William , born 1763----Marcum Lott, born 1766; married Margaret L Spaulding.

Moses and his children: Moses Jr. , Melea , William , Marcum Lott, and Martin all appear in the Prince Georges Parish, South Carolina 1790 census. They received Georgia land grants from 1784 to 1820+---.Only Mark and possibly Mary appear in the 1800 S. C. census. They apparently were in Georgia by 1800.-----Moses and his fanily moved from Virginia to South Carolina about 1780. He received his first land grant in South Carolina,, 600 acres, May 5 1788 and later moved to the Sumter District. He died near Latta, South Carolina March 12, 1810. he was a Revolutionary patriot for furnishing 1300 pounds of beef and other supplies to the state Militia.----At least one of his children ( Mary ) later appears in Alabama.

This Moses and brother's Martin,( Marcum Lott), William, Melea and father Moses received Georgia land grants from 1784 to 1820. They all appear in the Prince georges Parish, South carolina 1790 census. They finally settled in Marion District, South Carolina, on the peeDee river.
On authority claims there were 2 other sons born to Moses; Matthias Manning and John Manning ( who reportedly moved to England ).

He moved to Glynn Co. Georgia in 1800 , and settled on a plantation named "Indigo". Moses died there in 1815. After his death, his wife, martha, moved to wayne Co. and died there in 1830 or 1831. She gave $1 to her sons: Mathias, john, Joseph, Melechesedec, Meli, moses. and daughters, edney parrott, annis Harrison, Faith, Keziah Beckham, and the remainder of the estate to children,Martin and nancy (Ann) and to grandson John Head. moses was named executor.

Moses was recorded in 1800 on the "schedule of property taken from the people of Georgia by the creek Indians."
He was a private in the South carolina militia in 1782.
His son, Moses Jr. appears in the 1830 (jackson Co. ) and 1840 (Calhoun Co.) census in Florida.
he received land grants in glynn co., georgia in 1817 and 1823 and in wayne Co., Georgia in 1825.

Information shows that Elizabeth Manning's father and mother was Marcum Lott Manning, and Margaret Spaulding. Margaret Spaulding's parents were Henry Spaulding and Mary Landers. Margaret was born in Columbia, Georgia. Elizabeth Manning married John Welch Sr. August 17, 1815. She was born in South Carolina. Marcum Lott's father was Moses Manning Jr. and his mother was Kezziah Lott. Moses Jr.'s father was Moses Sr. married to Lydia Smith. Moses Sr. was born in Lower Norfolk, Virginia in 1710. He married Lydia Smith of Norfolk in 1762. He moved to North Carolina.----

John Manning and his brothers ,Thomas and Edward and sister.???, arrived from England to America on August 10, 1635 on the passenger ship, the "Globe", Manning descendants handed down from generation to generation that the Mannings migrated to Virginia from County Kent in England. The James Register of ships recored that John Manning went to Virginia on the ship, Globe of London, in 1635. He was granted 200 acres of land in 1648 for bringing four new settlers to the colony.

Nicholas might have been another son of John (or perhaps one of his brother's sons or more likely one of his grandsons ). From: "Cavaliers and Pioneers" patent book no. 8; .... NICHOLAS MANNING. 267 acres Lower Norfolk Co., S'ly. from the W. branch of Elizabeth River; adj. lands of Ward; Bruce; and Jno. Joyce; 23 Oct. 1690, p.120.Imp. of 6 persons:....

From: "Cavalires and Pioneers" patent book no. 2;....JOHN MANNING, 200 acres. Lower Norfolk Co., 25 Oct. 1648, p. 165. Upon northward side of Gaythers Creek, being a branch of the southward branch of Elizabeth River running unto land of Mermadicke Merrington. Due unto said William for trans. of 4 persons: William Baxter, Chr. Collins. Martha Brick. Francis Robinson.

From Volume ,1," the Histroy Of Walker County, Texas", page, 527,--F600
MARK MANNING SR. ( 1750--1850 )
. Mark had five children;
Three sons,--Stephen,,,Mark Jr,,,John.
Two daughters--Elizabeth,,, Nancy.

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Downe Court Manor- Cudham, Kent England

The Manor and access road.

Downe Court Manor and Downe Hall

Downe Court Manor Statutory Listed – Grade 11

There is an early deed referring to Downe Court Manor dated 1287.  The present building dates from around 1690. Years ago it was surrounded by ponds which tend to suggest the original manor house could have been moated.  Sir Thomas Mervyn owned the house in 1518 and was Lord Mayor of London. When he died he left one penny to each prisoner in the London gaols. One time owner was Sir Thomas Smyth who was governor of the East India Company and Treasurer of the Virginia Company.

Another owner was Henry Manning Marshal of the Household under Henry V111 and Queen Elizabeth is believed to have attended the christening of his daughter Margaret in 1559.  Parish Register records the ceremony took place ‘after ye Queene’s visitation’.

Then came Jacob Verzillini an Italian from Murano, near Venice who took over a glass-making factory in Crutched Friars in London around 1571.  He was granted a 21-year licence to make drinking glasses providing he taught his skills to Englishmen and did not import the glasses.

He was very successful and bought quite a lot of property in the area. There may be as many as nine of his glasses remaining.  V and A has one so does the British Museum. Windsor Castle and another at Cambridge and several are abroad.  One was dropped at auction.  When he died he bequeathed ‘cloth to 6d a yard for a new coat for all villagers to attend my funeral’.

Downe Hall –Locally Listed

There has been a building on this site since 1290.  Originally named after Richard Godarde the building was named ‘Goddards’. Sold to the Manning family in the 14th century.  It was originally of flint and stone and some windows were made of horn.  The Mannings were the oldest and most distinguished family in Downe. Some were among the first to emigrate to America where even today there is the Manning Association.

According to the Hearth Tax in 1645 there were 8 taxable hearths.  The largest number in the village.  After the Carew family came the Sandys, the last of whom died in 1694, and in 1698 Sandys widow married the Earl of Eglintoun – she was 96 at the time.

In 1820 the house burned down and the present building erected.  One time owned by the Lubbock family it has been considerably restored in recent years.

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Franklin County Marriage Bonds- Meridith & Samuel Manning

Marriage Bonds of Franklin County Virginia 1786-1858, by Marshall Winchfield, 1973, Researched by Doris Ross Johnston
page 46 Brock, Joshua and Fanny Estes, dau. Elisha and Margaret, Dec. 26, 1800. Sur. John Cooly
page 46 Brock, Jubal(Tubal) and Doshia Stuart,Dec. 9, 1796. Sur. David Stuart
page 46 Brock, Lorenzo Dow and Mary Kidd, Feb. 14, 1832. Sur. Elisha Kidd
page 47 Brock, Moses and Susannah Dyer, Mar. 5, 1793. Sur. Elijah Brock
page 47 Brock, Zachariah and Nancy Cooley, Jan. 16, 1815. Sur. Chapman Cooley
page 55 Carter, Dabney and Celia Brock, dau. Lucy and Joshua, Aug. 18, 1808. Sur. Zachariah Brock
page 62 Cooly, John and Nancy Brock, dau. Joshua, Sept. 18, 1795. Sur. Jubal(Tubal) Brock
page 135 Kidd, Benj., s. Jane, and America Manning, dau. Charity, July 26, 1850. Sur. Lorenzo D. Brock
page 144 Lesseuer, Moses and Susannah Brock, dau. Geo.,July 14, 1792. Sur. Amos Richardson.
page 146 Lookado, Jackson and Frances Evans, Dec. 29, 1847. Sur. Lorenzo D. Brock.
page 148 Manning, Meredith and Catherine Burnett, dau. Chas.,Mar. 7, 1796, Sur. Moses Brock
page 148 Manning, Samuel and Patsy Brock, dau. Lucy and Joshua, Mar. 19, 1804. Sur. John Mannin and Tarlton Brock.
page 192 Rich, David and Sally Pridy, dau. Nancy,Dec. 29, 1789. Sur. Moses Brock.
page 253 Young, Milen and Polly Brock, dau. of John, Oct. 14, 1790. Sur. David Shockley.
page 254 Zeigler, John and Mary Ann Brock, in 1800 package. Sur. Joshua Brock. 37. Bond given to Gov. James Monore, 1799-01.