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The Manning's: From Kent, England to Virginia to Kentucky

This site is dedicated to the decendants of two brothers John and Thomas Manning from Kent who left England in 1635 on the Primrose and Globe bound for Virginia!

11. THOMAS11 MANNING (THOMAS10, RICHARD9, JOHN8, HUGO7, JOHN6, JOHN5, SIMON4, WILLIAM3, STEPHEN2, SYMON1) was born 1585 in England. He married SUSANNAH ?.


Children of THOMAS MANNING and SUSANNAH ? are:
12. iii. JOHN MANNING, b. 1615, Soham, Cambridgshire, England; d. 1672, Norfolk Co. Virginia.

JOHN MANNING (THOMAS11, THOMAS10, RICHARD9, JOHN8, HUGO7, JOHN6, JOHN5, SIMON4, WILLIAM3, STEPHEN2, SYMON1) was born 1615 in Soham, Cambridgshire, England, and died 1672 in Norfolk Co. Virginia. He married LYDIA RICHARDSON 1636 in Norfolk Co., VA.


i. MARY13 MANNING, b. 1637, Norfolk Co. Virginia; m. ? HODGES.
ii. MARGARET MANNING, b. 1639; m. ? TAYLOR.
13. iii. THOMAS MANNING, b. 1641, Norfolk Co., Va; d. 1673, Virginia.
iv. JOHN MANNING, b. 1643, Norfolk Co. Virginia; m. SARAH WAFFORD.

13. THOMAS13 MANNING (JOHN12, THOMAS11, THOMAS10, RICHARD9, JOHN8, HUGO7, JOHN6, JOHN5, SIMON4, WILLIAM3, STEPHEN2, SYMON1) was born 1641 in Norfolk Co., Va, and died 1673 in Virginia. He married SARAH WAFFORD 1664 in Virginia.


i. SOLOMAN14 MANNING, b. 1665; m. ANN ?.
ii. JOHN MANNING, b. 1667, Norfolk Co. Virginia.
iii. THOMAS MANNING, b. 1669.
iv. SARAH MANNING, b. 1671.
14. v. NICHOLAS MANNING, b. 1673, Norfolk Co., Va; d. 1719, Norfolk Co., Va.

John Manning came to Virginia in 1635 on the "Globe". Thomas Manning landed in 1635 on the "Primrose". Peter Manning landed in 1635 in Virginia on the "George." Lazarus Manning arrived in 1635 in Virginia. Our line of Mannings descended from one of the four men named above

The family of Manning had their early origin in Germany, and in the 4th or 5th century went fromSaxony, in the lower part of that country, to England, where at first the family consisted of three
branches, one in County Kent, one in Sussex, and another in Norfolk. In Kent we find Ranuloph de Manning, of Manheim, Lord of Manheimm, who married the aunt of King Harold. His son, Simon de Manning, was Lord of Betred's Castle at Downe, County Kent.He was the first English baron to go with King Richard the Lion Hearted to the Crusades in 1190. Simon de Manning is the ancestor of the Mannings of Downe and
Cudham, who were knights marshall of the household of England's sovereigns for about 400 years.The Mannings in Ireland arrived during the reign of Henry II, 1154 - 1189. Sir Henry Manning, Knight Marshall to Henry VII, had a grandson, John Manning who had a grant of part of the possessions of the Earl of Desmond, in Ireland. In 1600 he joined the Earl of Essex in an expedition to the land of theIrish people. Branches of the Manning family from England and Ireland emigrated to North America
and settled in Nova Scotia, New England, New York, New Jersey,Virginia and the Carolinas. Mannings are noww living all across Canada and the United States.


Lynn Hopewell said...

Hi. Take a look at my for more on Norfolk County Mannings.
Now looking to find out which John Manning was father of Matthew Manning.
Lynn Hopewell

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is William Donald Manning.I don't know if i am a part of this family,but my grandfathers name was William Richard Manning.I was born in 1973 On November 7.I have never known much of my family's history.
Thank You,

James R. Manning said...

Thanks for the Manning family info on your site. The site is great and very helpful in my family research.

My name is James R. Manning and my family line goes back through g-g-g-great granddad John Manning born 1764 in NC son of Benjamin Manning. My line then goes through GA., AL. and FL..

James R. Manning

Jane Manning said...

I am from Williamston, North Carolina, and I know that my grandfather was William Simon Manning, born March 14, 1854. I know nothing further about his family, and would like to find out....

Kimberly Manning Harris said...

This is a ton of information, before I read any further, I would like to know one thing. Is all the Manning's in your blog related or are there more than one bloodline in this blog?

Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

- Norman

Pauline Manning said...

I am Pauline Manning, from Henry & Harriet Manning, Henry Born Approx 1790, around Isleworth England.I am from his son john's side. I hope like mad I am related to you! Now I have about 300 yrs to fill in until i can link up to your excellent research. I live in Australia (6th Generation here since 1858)I love the motto too.
Heres hoping...Thank you Polly (Pauline)

james said...

I am James r Manning from Chicago my dad is the same and so is my son want to see if I have family out there

Terri Manning-Lloyd said...

Interesting read, my father is Thomas Henry Manning who passed away this past Easter. I had no idea.

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The information were very helpful for me, I've bookmarked this post, Please share more information about this

Anonymous said...

Jim Humphrey of Australia I have been researching my wife's tree (Fisher)back to 300ad to a Roman Consul I have details on this line if interested.