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Manning Lineage from Kent to Virginia

Manning Lineage

Symon Manning (b. 1235, m. 1269)
born in Bettreds Castle, Kent, England.
m. ------
children: Stephen Manning (b. 1270)
Robert Manning (b. 1272)
Eylmer Manning ( b. 1274)

Stephen Manning (b. 1270, d. 1310)
born in Kent, England.
m. ------
children: William Manning (b. 1301)
Robert Manning (b. 1303)

William Manning (b. 1301, d. 1342)
born in Codham, Kent County, England
m. ------ Chyrfold (b. 1315)
children: Simon Manning (b. 1335)

Simon Manning (b. 1335)
born in Codham, Kent County, England
m. Catherine Chaucer (b. 1345)
children: John Manning (b. 1365)

John (Johannes) Manning (b. 1365, d. 1412)
born in Codham, Kent County, England
m. Alicia Walden (b. 1371)
children: John Manning (b. 1399) - m. Julianna Brockhill
Doctor Manning
Hugo Manning
Catarina Manning

John (Johannes) Manning (b. 1399, d. 1435)
born in Codham, Kent County, England
m. Julianna Brockhill
children: Hugh Manning (b. 1431)

Hugh Manning (b. 1431, d. 1502, m. 1456)
born in Downe, Kent County, England
m. Margaret Brandon (b. 1440)
children: John Manning (b. 1480) - m. Agnes Petley
Richard Manning (b. 1482)
Robert Manning (b. 1485)

John (Johannes) Manning (b. 1480, d. 5-10-1542)
m. 1) Agnes Petley
2) Thomazina Trady
children of Agnes: Henry Manning (b. 1502) - m. Catherine Kirkner
George Manning (b. 1520) - m. Joan Wallis
Johannes Manning (b. 1528)
Richard Manning (b. 1544) - m. Agnes Manning
child of Thomazina: Hugh Manning

Richard Manning (b. 1544, d. 5-8-1582, m. 1500)
born in London, England; died in Kent County, England
m. Agnes Manning (b. 1548)
children: Thomas Manning

Thomas Manning
christened 1-25-1562 in Kent County, England
m. 1) Mirian Botley (b. 1561)
2) Margery Johnson
children: Thomas Manning (b. 1585)

Thomas Manning (b. 1585)
m. Susanna Taylor
children: Edward Manning
John Manning (b. 1615)
Thomas Manning (b. 1620)

John (Johannes) Manning (b. 12-17-1615, d. 1672, m. 1636)
born in Cambridge, England and came to Norfolk, VA in 1635 at the age of 20 with his brother, Thomas, aboard the GLOBE from the port of London. John and Lydia were married in Norfolk. In 1669 record is found of John and Lydia Manning living on the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk County, VA.
m. Lydia Richardson (b. 1617)
children: John Manning (b. 1643) - m. Sarah Wattford
Mary Manning
Margaret Manning
Thomas Manning (b. 1641) - m. Mrs. John Wattford

John Manning, Sr. (b. 1643, m. 1664)
born in Norfolk, VA; he and Sarah Wattford presumably lived out their lives on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, VA.
m. Sarah Wattford
children: Joseph Manning (b. 1665) - m. Martha ------
John Manning, Jr. (b. 1667) - m. Mary Rowse
William Manning (b. 1669) - m. Mary
Thomas Manning - m. Sarah Taylor

Thomas Manning
born in Norfolk, VA;
m. Sarah Taylor
children: Moses Manning I (b. 1710, d. 1791) - m. Lydia Smith
Samuel Manning (b. 1712)
Mary Manning Granberry (b. 1722) - m. James Granberry

Moses Manning I (b. 1710, d. 1-2-1791, m. 1730)


Edie said...

Steve, Wonderful blog. Question:
John m: Lydia Richardson - a couple of places shows 1636 but in notes elsewhere there is a record at Norfolk County dtd 4-6-1660 for bann of matrimony for them. This means most of the identified children are John's by his first wife who other researchers have identiified as Mary White.
What do you think??

Edie Rider

Laurie Manning Whitehurst said...

Hello, Steve. My dad has recently given me my family's lineage from John Manning (b. 1615). I believe our lineage separates from yours at John Jr.'s. My great, great, great grandfather was Marcum (sp?) Manning, who was John Jr's son. I was very excited to find your site and learn more about my ancestors.

Laurie Manning Whitehurst said...
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Steve Manning said...

Laurie: I would love to get a copy of your lineage. Email to


Beth Wheeler said...

Greetings Steve,
I too am researching my Manning Lineage, I descend from Annis Manning (daughter of Moses II) m. Edward Jackson Jr. I have found many sources for the Manning Line but am perplexed because I keep finding Richard Manning b. 1544 son of John Manning and Agnes Petley. According to your site here and Family Trees John Manning died in 1542 and Agnes in 1533. How is it that Richard was born in 1544? Have you looked in to this? I would appreciate any information you can offer me. Thank you,
Beth Wheeler

Anonymous said...

One John is missing. He is John Manning & Agnes Petley's son. John born 1528.