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John Mannen Pioneer at Fort Boonesboroughhn

Pioneers at Fort Boonesborough

Madison County, Kentucky

Sketch of Fort Boonesborough
J. T. Dorris
Glimpses of Historic Madison County, Kentucky

This list of verified pioneers at Fort Boonesborough was compiled by H Thomas Tudor, Registrar of the Society of Boonesborough and furnished compliments of the Society of Boonesborough by James J Shannon Jr. One of the settlers was John Mannen.

John Mannen listed as a Mason County Distiller of Whiskey in 1797

Taxation on whiskey was a controversial topic in early America, especially on the frontier, which, in the late 17th century, of course included Kentucky. Look up “Whiskey Rebellion” on Google to read a lot more about it. The law taxing whiskey passed in 1791, and it was not until 1798 that one William Clarke, a federal attorney, began prosecuting those who hadn’t paid the tax. The court docket gives us the names of lots of folks in the whiskey distilling business in those early days. Keep in mind that Mason County is much larger during this time than it is now!

John Mannen In Mason County

The 1810 census in Kentucky lists a John Mannen in Mason Co.

On 22 Sept. 1812, John Mannon and Thomas T. Worthington served as witnesses for the will of John Watson. Note that a Thomas Mannen married Thomas Tolley's daughter Rachel; she was born in 1800. I've seen his birthdate listed, unsourced, as 1798. Note that a Thomas Mannen exists, aged 51, married to a Susan, aged 42, in the 1850 census for Mason Co. The fact that Mannon and Worthington appear together here suggests a family relation.

A John Mannen married Charity Critchfield (Crihfield, Crhfeld) in Mason Co. in 1814. A sergeant "John Mannan" served in Capt. Dowden's company of Pogue's Kentucky Volunteers in the War of 1812; he enlisted Aug. 27, 1812 to Sept. 26, 1812. Another "John Mannan" served as a private in Robert Crutchfield's detachment of the Virginia Militia (a pretty big coincidence with the marriage of 1814!). A Thomas H. Mannen also served in 1812, in the 40th Kentucky regiment, as a Major.

In 1819, a John Mannen is listed as leaving an estate in Mason Co., and as having left a will. (Is this supposed to be 1822--as below?)

The 1820 Census from Mason Co, Kentucky seems to be key here, though without further help it's just a list of names. There are several groups living near each other: Jas Pollock, Jos Pollock; and then several lines later, all as heads of household: Jno Mannon, Sra Perkins, Jas Mannon, Jno Mannon Jr. What might help, if it is possible, is to look at deeds for land.

A John Mannen Sr. died in in 1822. His will lists the following as his family, including John Sr. and eight children; no wife is named (presumably she pre-deceased him):

John Mannen, d. Summer 1822, Mason Co., Kentucky
| James Mannen, b. before 1801
| John Mannen, b. before 1801
| Elizabeth Mannen, b. before 1801 (m. William Thomas on 26 Feb. 1816 in Mason Co., KY)
| Catherine Mannen, b. before 1801 (m. William Neale on 23 Nov. 1815, in Mason Co., KY)
| Thomas Mannen, b. before 1801
| Patty Mannen, b. after 1801
| Sidney Mannen, b. after 1801
| Nancy Mannen, b. after 1801


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