Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recent Manning Family Research in Morgan County Kentucky

I researched the records in the Morgan County Clerk's office in West Liberty,Kentucky on April 23,2008 and found the will of my Great,Great,Great Grandfather Charles B. Mannin ( wife Susanna Shubert) who died in 1877.Charles was born in 1799 in Virginia and married Susanna Shubert in Bath County on September 30,1812. (Morgan County was formed from Bath,Floyd and Johnson Counties).Susanna Mannin was shown in the 1880 Morgan County census as 84 and her daughter Polly was shown as residing in the household.

Charles' father Meridith Mannin( a prominent landowner) was born in Virginia in 1780 and lived until after 1850.Meridith married Catherine Burnett in March 1797 in Franklin County,Virginia. Catherine was the daughter of Charles Burnett and Catherine Brock. Burnett's father John came came from Aberdeen,Scotland to Virginia in the 1630s . The Burnett's had a fleet of ships and received a warrant or charter from King Charles in 1638 to trade in Virginia.

Charles' daughter Mary A. Mannin (a/k/a Polly and born around 1840-41) married our Great,Great Grandfather Sylvester Mannin(g) on April 8,1863 just before he enlisted in the Confederate Army.Polly is the name shown on our Great Grandfather Val's death certificate as his mother in 1937. Polly was still alive as late as 1900 as there is a deed to her of part of her father Charles' estate.Val married Mollie Hackworth,second marriage.

It is believed that Sylvester divorced Mary A. (Polly) and was married several times and left children behind as he traveled all over Kentucky and Ohio. It is also believed that he may have been imprisoned for theft and burglary in the 1870s for offenses committed in or near Tollesboro in Lewis County

Sylvester and Polly had three children:

Ephriam Elliott Manning born January 3,1868 ,died in 1926 and is buried in Ezel,Kentucky

Valentine (Val) Manning born May 19,1871,died January 26,1937 and is buried in the Maysville Cemetery not far from his wife Mollie Hackworth Manning,believed to be a Cherokee or at least half Cherokee.

Charles Manning born 1869 and died 1926.


B Vest said...

I am the daughter-in-law of Benjamin H Vest J, son of Marie Manning Vest. I am married to his son Benjamin Scott Vest, I ran across your web site and found it interesting.
Thanks for your time.
Betty Vets

Bill Hoyt said...

Hi Steve: I am a desendant of Phebe Manning 1566-1642, daughter of George Manning 1520-1582. I am trying to make sense out of the early Manning history. My problem is this, if Ranuloph deManning married King Harold I aunt then she was 165 years old since I show he was born in 1165 and she in 1000. Another problem is I show Simon was born abt. 1190, the same year King Richard left for the Crusades Any thing you could do to help me clear up these glitches I would appreciate. You can email me at Thanks for your help. Best regards, Bill Hoyt

Kelley Irish said...

Hi I am a descendan of John Thomas Manning and Jane Hardy. Jane moved with her son Joseph Manning to Canada. I have not been able to get back any further in England than John Thomas Manning birthdate of Jan 10 1805. I do not know if this fits in with your family tree of not. He died Mar 1851 in Devon Kent Plymouth England.
My email is

Shirley said...

I was wondering if Mary A. (Polly or Mollie) Hackworth had a brother. My Great Grandfather was Jorrell Hackworth and was said to have had a sister that he called Polly....don't know if it was a nickname or what. I cannot find any information about Jorrell's parents, etc.

Shirley Hackworth Bishop

Steve Manning said...

Shirley: Mollie Hackworth did not have a brother by that name. She was from Lewid County and the daughter of Rueben Hackworth.

Chuck said...

Hi Steve,

Ephriam Elliott Manning was my Grandfather. My dad's name was Murden Miles Manning. I just recently found this site and I really like the information I have found about the Manning family!

Steve Manning said...

The 1850 Census for Morgan County KY shows Charles Mannin,age 54 born in Virginia and his wife Susannah, age 52

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have any information on Absalom/ Ansulm Mannin m. Elizabeth Ross, said to be son of Charles and Susanna Shubert~Mannin/g

Thank you

Monica Terry said...

My great grandfather Aaron Manning. I am Monica Manning daughter of Don Manning and granddaughter of Athul Manning. I was told they came from England to Virginia to Morgan county KY.